The Other Side Of Policing

a new book by Maxwell Pereira

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Chief Of Police


An anthology of the author's writings on historic and contemporary events and issues very much in the public eye, embellished with fresh biographical content of varied and intriguing experiences over a span of 35 years of policing career in the elite Indian Police Service. The book is against the backdrop of India's national capital New Delhi and other India's north-eastern States where the author served.

Unlike the often dull and drab police writings that lean more on academic hypotheses, this book written in an easy flowing simple narrative style, often in lighter vein, provides a fresh and engaging look at the gripping issues confronting contemporary law enforcement in the Indian context. In addition to the die-hard traditional crimes, the book discusses policing the ever newer challenges thrown up by emerging technologies, lifestyles and growing aspirations of an evolving 'democratic' society, of a people still stigmatised as hosting the world's largest chunk of those below the poverty line all in an environment of the current bullish and booming economy steered and governed by a highly politicized bureaucracy and criminalized polity with scant regard for the rule of law.

The book also throws up great instances of human interest laced with subtle humour, the author's skirmishes with right and wrong, and his brushes with time-honoured prejudices! There are amazing insights into history and nature for the avid traveller and the inquisitive reader too.

With chapters examining everything from the psychology of bosses in a disciplined environment of the uniform, to ground realities of the need for instant results which makes one wonder whether the end justifies the means; to the risks of being trigger happy. The book lets you travel new ground and meander through the Indian psyche to learn what makes its people tick; all in a unique and entertaining way.